Parrotia persica 'Persian Spire'

Parrotia persica 'Persian Spire'

Family: Hamamelidaceae

Small tree fastigié, with narrow and tight port. The green leaves are bordered with purple in spring before becoming fiery red orange in autumn. Height 3m.

Only on order


Trees and shrubs

Leaf color

  • Orange
  • Cardinal red
  • Red
  • Green

Ground type

  • Acidic
  • Limestone
  • Neutral


Zone 6: from -23°C to -17°C

Interesting plant

  • In autumn


2 to 3m
50 to 100cm

Flower color

  • Cardinal red


  • Sunny
  • Part shade

Use in the garden

  • Isolated
  • Massif
  • Parterre

Notable interests:

  • Foliage
  • Columnar port