In Singapore, the places to find nature are numerous. Besides the best known and visited, there are many others that fulfill an undeniable role. The policy of the city is that every inhabitant can enjoy a green place less than 20 minutes walk from his home. To the west of the central point, there is a narrow but long band of 7km gathering 3 parks in a row: Kent Ridge Park, Hort Park and Mount Faber Park, mixing urban jungle literally and didactic park and horticultural, as the Hort Park. There are easily accessible pathes or very steep trails, as well as footbridges that take us to the treetops. They all give happiness and freshness to cyclists, runners, pedestrians. The vegetation is luxuriant, natural but tamed or organized. The fauna flourishes there simply, in cohabitation with the man.





True window of greenery on the city, It is about the most structured part of the park. An entire area is reserved for a production nursery that supplies all the parks.



Hort Park is composed of several thematic gardens that follow one another: the silver garden, the blue garden, the garden that can be eaten!





There are also many special plants, amazing, like this banana tree:



Laurent was happy :-) He had the banana.






Hort Park, a garden in the city, far from an utopia, a necessity.

Infos pratiques

A megalopolis of more than 5.5 million inhabitants, Singapore has the second largest port in the world, in terms of containers, after Shanghai.
True human mole, the apparent pollution does not exist. There is no smog as we found in many Asian cities, no unpleasant odor (sewer, trash, ...), despite the sweltering heat.
But how are they doing? It's very simple, they plant.

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