The catalog - Le e-shop


A catalog is born with the nursery. It's a scalable catalog, it's important toknow.

We do not offer the plants of the large distribution. We don't have interest because you can find these plants easily and our prices would be absolutely not competitive. We call it "evolutionary" because it is more of a working tool than a real catalog. It lists plants that we like to offer you at a given moment.

Throughout our discoveries, our observations, our analyzes in the plant world, we add new varieties or remove others. The trade of all this small alive world is in eternal metamorphosis and varies according to the choices of the producers, the modes and the desires. The horticultural landscape changes from one season to another, from one year to the next. So our catalog can never be frozen.

Be careful, the avaibility of the plants that are listed depends to all these elements. You will see, stocks are very limited and rare plants are often quickly depleted. The delay of new availabilities can also be long and sometimes impossible.


We want this catalog to be a basis of exchange between you and us, so do not hesitate to tell us about your own discoveries, your little pleasures. We will be happy to research their subjects. Today, we offer our catalog in the form of a true e-shop, easier to use and more readable. You know immediately if your plant is in stock or not. We can process your requests more efficiently. We wish you a nice ride by browsing it.